Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bean report

                  Bean observation 
Red means the changes on my observation.

This term I've observed that most people in our class are getting more into gardening because at the start of the term Kiri gave us all a bean and she said here's your new baby to look after. She also said you will have to set up growing conditions,when she said this I thought that it would be impossible to do but with a little help with my friends the bean was already to grow.

I hypothesise that my bean will not grow because it has no soil.

Step one I glued in my bean observation sheet into my book.
Step two Fiona gave me a Petri dish.
Step three Fiona gave me a bean
Step four I measured the width and how tall it was and what shape it was.
Step five I gave the bean some water

On the 9th of August I did my first observation on my bean it was 1.5cm long and 5mm wide. It was a scruffy white creamy colour the shape was an oval shape for me it was just a bean. My inference is that the bean will need sunlight and water to grow no leaves yet.

On the 18th of August the size was still the same but it had grown a shoot. The colour had changed to a more yellowy colour. The shape of the bean had started to curl more like a jelly bean shape. My inference is that the shoot is pushing the skin open. Note: there are no leaves yet.

On the 29th of August it changed to 2.5cm long and 7mm wide. It started to go green and the skin was falling off I thought the shape was a exploded jelly bean. It had also growing a leaf and some roots. My inference is that the skin is falling of and the bean is getting a bigger shoot root and leaf

On the 7th of September it was 11 cm long and 1.2cm wide. It had expanded into a gigantic plant and it had nearly grown to full size. It had four leaves and a massive stalk. My inference is that the beans in the Petri dishes grew better because 15 people in our class had beans in bags that died and 9 lived however only 3 died in Petri dishes and 12 lived.

My conclusion is that the beans in the Petri dishes help with germination better because the water was getting to the roots faster. In the bags the water was just going straight to the bottom of the bag and it wasn't getting to the roots. 

My new inference/hypothesis is that a plant needs good growing conditions and water and sunlight to grow.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Imagine being burnt by a boiling hot  jug.  Well i've had that experience. I think we need more child safety items. 

One day I was making my mum a coffee. I put the milk in, then the coffee mix, and last but not least the sugar, to help sweeten her up. Then all of a sudden I spilt the boiling hot  jug all over my wrist.  It started to blister and it was stinging like, a cactus get wedged in your arm. Mum quickly rushed me to the hospital worried as heck. 

Later, I mean 2 hours later, I finally got to see the doctor and after I  waited 20 minutes of  having cold shower on my arm. I got a big bandage,on my arm to stop the pain. later on mum gave me some skittles for being brave then I went to bed because it was like 10:48 and I only went to the doctors at 8:03. 

Next morning I went to school and my friends were all like “What happened Will ?” and I said I burnt my hand so I showed them a picture of my hand and there like OMG did you die. ☹️💉

I think there should be a safer jug maybe they could invent a jug that you just have to tip and it would be in a holder and you would not lift up the jug then I would be easier because I burnt my hand when I was trying to lift it.

One day my toast was really stuck in the toaster and it wouldn't come out so I thought it would be a good idea to stick a fork in there. When I did that I was not thinking but I did it anyway and I  go electrocuted everything went black…  Actually didn't do this but I think toasters are dangerous because what if I did do this I probably would be dead by now. I think toasters are not child friendly because they don't have a warning written on the toaster. I think they should have a beeping noise when something like a fork or metal is within 30 cm range so the person will be able to know when the metal is getting closer.

I wonder if you're ever got anything thing  jammed in the car door like an arm or you’re head. Once my dad was winding up my car window while I was watching the cows drift by. So he was winding and winding and “Aww my hand, my hand” I screamed, Dad said “Stop screaming” I yelled back “well stop winding up the window” finally he wound the window down.

When I was three thought I could put my paper rubbish in the fire, however I didn’t know how to use the handle so I tried to push open the glass door with my hands. My hand was throbbing so bad mum drove me to the hospital me while I was screaming my head of. 

So this is why I want more child safety items in my life.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

We defined beat in term 1 and we learnt how the beat keeps us in time. We also learnt about ‘Pumanawatanga’ we discovered differences in the hakas, lion dance and marching. We used rhythms, beat and words to make a reenactment of a ‘Day in Kahukura’ and presented it to our family. I am multistructural because I can identify beat in many different contexts like marching,Chinese lion dance and the Haka. My next step is to work on knowing the purpose of the beat like why does Liam do the drumming and why does someone blow a whistle in marching.


Camp writing

Hanmer hot pools 

The nice life guards tell us some understandable rules. 
The slippery hydro slide over loads the water bucket. 

The massive water bucket trips giving overpowered impact.

The hot pools invite me in. 

The relaxing lazy river comforts me because the jets on the side of the walls pull my body through the strong current.

The lazy people drift in the pool.

The funky lizard slide pulls me down the slippery tongue.

Stinky hot pools make me feel disgusted because of the horrible smell.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My place

Outside the gleaming scooter glides you up and down the graffitied ramps , as you do tailwhips on them you feel like you're the only one who can do them.

When you go to the pool the orange slippery hydro slide twirls you through the water.

The bright green mini golf ball zooms through winding turns and over wooden bridges.
The delicious whippy bubble cone ice cream melts in the blazing sun.

At dusk the moonlight shines upon the mountain bike track.
When you sit in front of the monster Mario teddy bear he hugs you as you talk to him.

The poofy blue couch squeezes you into the cushions.


Monday, 29 February 2016

Popcorn writing

                        Popcorn Writing 

Popcorn is crunchy and soft. When I smell popcorn it reminds of when l am at home on a Friday night watching a movie with my family. 
When I had the experience of seeing how you make popcorn I was amazed, it looks like a tornado . 
When the popcorn was coming out of the machine it was like grass sprouting out of the ground at one million miles per hour. 
 The popcorn look like demented soccer ball like when it is flat.
It had an unpleasant taste, like something that had been burnt. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Hiding spot

Hiding Spot 

I smashed my brother in the the face, I know I shouldn't  of done it, but I did. I hear lots of bellowing voices as they come closer. My legs are very stiff, I try to run as fast as I can to find the best hiding spot. “WILL!”, mum yells. I don’t answer. I’m getting so stressed as I try so hard to camouflage myself into my box of toys. Then as quick as a flash dad came home, oh no I  thought to myself. 

As time passed it started to get very gloomy outside I see nothing but black. I'm going to get in so much trouble “Will get out here in “1”, I quickly scramble to Dad hoping he doesn't reach 5 “2,3”, I got there in the flash of time. “Right why did you hit your brother?”, “Because I  thought it would be funny, it wasn’t even that hard”. I said. “Now you've lost technology for a week”. Oh no I thought to myself, Jack obviously is screaming his face off with laughter. “yeah yeah really funny” I replied.  Dad says,“ Now come and have dinner”.  I'm so glad this is over.