Monday, 1 June 2015

Water monitoring proses

Water monitoring process 
Today we tested water to investigate the water quality of the Avon River.

Firstly we wrote the date. Then we tested the pH to see if there is any acids in, to do this we used indicator paper. 

Secondly we tested the water to see if there was any total dissolved solids. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. We swirled it around until  we saw a number on the Tds tool.

After that we tested the turbidity so we could see how clear the water is, and if it is too murky then it might be bad water quality.

Then we tested the temperature, invertebrates live in cool temperatures under 20 degrees.

After we tested the smell, if it had a Bad smell then it might not be healthy for the invertebrates to live in.

Over all I think it is good to do water monitoring because then we can help keep our waterways clean. 

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  1. Did you find any invertebrates Will? Was the water that you tested of good quality?