Thursday, 2 July 2015


The Water Boatman 

The water boatmen are found in freshwater habitats and freshwater environments. 
The Water boatmen's threats are dragonflies, water scorpions and Water bugs.

Water Boatmen have 9 body parts which include eyes, mouth, nippers, four fins and the body. 

The threats to water boatmen are polluted waterways because it can get in their environment and destroy their  habitat. 

 Leech and water boatman Comparison 

Leeches diet only  on blood.
Leeches are at the top of their food chain. 

Leeches are found in streams and healthy environments and if they are destroyed they will not be able to live in them.

Leech's threats are crayfish, turtles, snakes, birds, nymphs , large aquatic insects and snails. 
Snails eat leeches eggs.

Leeches have these body parts: 2 eyes, 1 mouth and 20 teeth.



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    Did you know that there is a junior story about water boatmen. If you ask me at school I could have a look and find it for you.