Thursday, 2 July 2015


We are learning how well the grass grows in the winter.

Our Science is that we will see how good our  grass will grow  outside because  the dirt has died so we want to plant some more. 

First we will put the grass seed in two ice cream containers.  We will use two different types of grass seed to see which one grows the best in winter.

We made a wooden box so it won't wreck the grass.

We are currently waiting for the grass to grow.

By Mason  and will


  1. Do you have any pictures? What happened to the grass? Which one was better? So many questions! :)
    Miss D

  2. How did your grass growing go Will? I'd be keen to know if you tried different varieties and if so which ones grew best. That might help us re-sow our lawn at home.

  3. my connection is that i was doing it with you but we never got do it or finish it atlest