Thursday, 6 August 2015


This term we have been learning about saving our waterways such as the Avon river. Miss Webster brought a cup of water each day from the river because we wanted to help improve it’s health by monitoring it. When doing this we are saving the habitats of different types of invertebrates.  We tested the water by using ph. Ph is indicator paper It shows the acidity. We also used a TDS tester which stands for total dissolved solids. Turbidity is a good scientific word, which means how clear the water is.Turbidity is when you put some water in a clear container. Put it up to a book and look thru it and the various letter sizes will show how clear the water is .

Some people decided to take action by stencilling, riparian planting, and creating a litter clean up day, Kahoot quiz making.

At the end of the term we had a fantastic finale which is when we celebrate what we learned during the of term.

In conclusion, I learnt that it is good to save our waterways because it helps the next generation.
By will:)


  1. How did you take action to help improve the health of the river? I'd love to know. I do like that you are continuing to think about the next generations Will. It's so important that we keep looking after the world and i'm glad you are helping to spread the word! :)
    Miss D

  2. Hi Will. I enjoyed being at your river celebration and hearing all about your learning last term. The kahoot quiz was lots of fun and very informative. It made me think more carefully about ways we can save water and I know you shared lots of your ideas with us at home too.