Monday, 29 February 2016

Popcorn writing

                        Popcorn Writing 

Popcorn is crunchy and soft. When I smell popcorn it reminds of when l am at home on a Friday night watching a movie with my family. 
When I had the experience of seeing how you make popcorn I was amazed, it looks like a tornado . 
When the popcorn was coming out of the machine it was like grass sprouting out of the ground at one million miles per hour. 
 The popcorn look like demented soccer ball like when it is flat.
It had an unpleasant taste, like something that had been burnt. 


  1. Wow Will, your descriptions and similes of popcorn are fabulous. It really does look like a tornado! I always love our family movie nights too.

  2. I love it becasue it reminds me going to the movie and eating a popcorn and good work it is good and I like it nice will :)