Monday, 16 May 2016

Term 1 arts reflection

We defined beat in term 1 and we learnt how the beat keeps us in time. We also learnt about ‘Pumanawatanga’ we discovered differences in the hakas, lion dance and marching. We used rhythms, beat and words to make a reenactment of a ‘Day in Kahukura’ and presented it to our family. I am multistructural because I can identify beat in many different contexts like marching,Chinese lion dance and the Haka. My next step is to work on knowing the purpose of the beat like why does Liam do the drumming and why does someone blow a whistle in marching.


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  1. Will I loved seeing you perform at the end of term learning celebration day. It sounded amazing! It's also really cool to see that you are aware of what your next steps for learning are. Maybe you could ask Mrs Campbell about the marching whistle as she used to be a marching girl once upon a time. Love Mum