Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Imagine being burnt by a boiling hot  jug.  Well i've had that experience. I think we need more child safety items. 

One day I was making my mum a coffee. I put the milk in, then the coffee mix, and last but not least the sugar, to help sweeten her up. Then all of a sudden I spilt the boiling hot  jug all over my wrist.  It started to blister and it was stinging like, a cactus get wedged in your arm. Mum quickly rushed me to the hospital worried as heck. 

Later, I mean 2 hours later, I finally got to see the doctor and after I  waited 20 minutes of  having cold shower on my arm. I got a big bandage,on my arm to stop the pain. later on mum gave me some skittles for being brave then I went to bed because it was like 10:48 and I only went to the doctors at 8:03. 

Next morning I went to school and my friends were all like “What happened Will ?” and I said I burnt my hand so I showed them a picture of my hand and there like OMG did you die. ☹️💉

I think there should be a safer jug maybe they could invent a jug that you just have to tip and it would be in a holder and you would not lift up the jug then I would be easier because I burnt my hand when I was trying to lift it.

One day my toast was really stuck in the toaster and it wouldn't come out so I thought it would be a good idea to stick a fork in there. When I did that I was not thinking but I did it anyway and I  go electrocuted everything went black…  Actually didn't do this but I think toasters are dangerous because what if I did do this I probably would be dead by now. I think toasters are not child friendly because they don't have a warning written on the toaster. I think they should have a beeping noise when something like a fork or metal is within 30 cm range so the person will be able to know when the metal is getting closer.

I wonder if you're ever got anything thing  jammed in the car door like an arm or you’re head. Once my dad was winding up my car window while I was watching the cows drift by. So he was winding and winding and “Aww my hand, my hand” I screamed, Dad said “Stop screaming” I yelled back “well stop winding up the window” finally he wound the window down.

When I was three thought I could put my paper rubbish in the fire, however I didn’t know how to use the handle so I tried to push open the glass door with my hands. My hand was throbbing so bad mum drove me to the hospital me while I was screaming my head of. 

So this is why I want more child safety items in my life.

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