Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bean report

                  Bean observation 
Red means the changes on my observation.

This term I've observed that most people in our class are getting more into gardening because at the start of the term Kiri gave us all a bean and she said here's your new baby to look after. She also said you will have to set up growing conditions,when she said this I thought that it would be impossible to do but with a little help with my friends the bean was already to grow.

I hypothesise that my bean will not grow because it has no soil.

Step one I glued in my bean observation sheet into my book.
Step two Fiona gave me a Petri dish.
Step three Fiona gave me a bean
Step four I measured the width and how tall it was and what shape it was.
Step five I gave the bean some water

On the 9th of August I did my first observation on my bean it was 1.5cm long and 5mm wide. It was a scruffy white creamy colour the shape was an oval shape for me it was just a bean. My inference is that the bean will need sunlight and water to grow no leaves yet.

On the 18th of August the size was still the same but it had grown a shoot. The colour had changed to a more yellowy colour. The shape of the bean had started to curl more like a jelly bean shape. My inference is that the shoot is pushing the skin open. Note: there are no leaves yet.

On the 29th of August it changed to 2.5cm long and 7mm wide. It started to go green and the skin was falling off I thought the shape was a exploded jelly bean. It had also growing a leaf and some roots. My inference is that the skin is falling of and the bean is getting a bigger shoot root and leaf

On the 7th of September it was 11 cm long and 1.2cm wide. It had expanded into a gigantic plant and it had nearly grown to full size. It had four leaves and a massive stalk. My inference is that the beans in the Petri dishes grew better because 15 people in our class had beans in bags that died and 9 lived however only 3 died in Petri dishes and 12 lived.

My conclusion is that the beans in the Petri dishes help with germination better because the water was getting to the roots faster. In the bags the water was just going straight to the bottom of the bag and it wasn't getting to the roots. 

My new inference/hypothesis is that a plant needs good growing conditions and water and sunlight to grow.

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